Sometimes, after you've added all of your new dreams, habits, and tasks, you might be wondering - why aren't they showing up on the Today page?

No worries! Here are three points you should check out if you can't find your goals for Today.

  1. Did I set up repeat days for my habits?
    • In order for your habits to show up on the Today page, you must first decide which days of the week you'd like to perform this habit? If you wish to learn more about setting up repeat days, click here.
  2. Is my habit active or inactive?
    • If your habit is inactivated (marked 'inactive' with a grey color), then your habits are temporarily paused, and you must activate them in order for them to show up on the Today page. To learn more about active/inactive habits, click here.
  3. Did I accidentally form or complete my habits/tasks?
    • In the process of adding your new habits and tasks, if you clicked the button down below and accidentally formed or completed your ask, they will not show up on the Today page, despite having repeat days and due dates set up. If you would like to learn more about the process, please click this link for more info!