Finally completed your goal? Congratulations!

To mark your goal as completed, click on the Dream/Task/Habit on the main page, then click on the goal that you would like to mark as completed

Each group has a variation of the completed status as follows:

  • Dream: Achieved
  • Task: Done
  • Habit: Archived

Click on the hexagonal button at the bottom of the screen, in between the star and trashcan icons to mark a goal as complete. To undo completion, simply tap again.

For Tasks, you can also click the checkmark icon next to your task on the list or "Today" page.

Since Tasks are small & one-time only, you can simply mark as completed from the list.

Additional Information:

* For more information about How to Hide Your Completed Dreams/Tasks/Habits from the list, click here 

* When you need a break from completing the Habit, you have the option to make your Habit inactive. Inactive Habits won't show up on the "Today" page. For more information about How to Make a Habit Inactiveclick here