Currently, Dreamfora does not incorporate a search tool feature for pre-made plans. However, we are actively enhancing the user experience, and there is a possibility of integrating this functionality in upcoming updates.  



Here's how you can find the information or content you're interested in:  


1. On the dream page, click on the “+” button at the bottom left-hand corner. Then navigate to Pre-made dream.  

2. Scroll through the different categories offered in pre-made dreams: new, health, learning, enjoyment, career, wealth, relationship, travel, and general. This allows you to browse through the available content within that specific category.  


3. As you scroll through the content, you will eventually find the pre-made dreams that suit you the best!  




We understand that not having a search tool can be less convenient, but we hope that you can still enjoy your experience with our app and stay in touch for updates.