Guest Mode is a limited-access feature for users who haven’t signed up or logged in. While in Guest Mode, you can explore certain functionalities but won’t be able to engage fully with our application.  
There are limitations in guest mode:  

  1. Limited Interactivity -- Cannot post, clap, reply, or follow feed activities 

  1. AI Dream Exclusion -- Won't be able to utilize AI Dream feature. Guest mode only allows access to pre-made and self-made dreams. 

  1. Profile Curation – There is no option for users to curate their profiles while in guest mode - must be logged in  

  1. Dream Syncing -- Dreams, whether self-made or pre-made, will not be synchronized between your data and Dreamfora’s server. Your work will only be saved on your device under guest mode.  

We highly recommend you sign up and log in to unlock the full potential of Dreamfora. By doing so, you can enjoy seamless synchronization of your data, access interactive features, and utilize the AI Dream functionalities. Creating an account ensures that your work is saved and securely stored on our server.