What is Dreamfora? 

Dreamfora is an easy-to-use app that helps you achieve your goals alongside a great user-based community. You can create and organize goals into categories such as “Career,” “Health,” “Relationship,” etc. Dreamfora allows you to share your own experiences to inspire others and gain inspiration by interacting with others!

What are Categories, AI-made Dreams, Pre-made Dreams, Self-made Dreams, Habits, & Tasks?

  • Categories – Various dream topics.
  • Dream – A goal that you wish to achieve: Long-term (e.g., Get fit)
  • Habits – Repeating actions for your dream: Short-term, Repetitive (e.g., Workout)
  • Tasks – One-time action for your dream: Short-term, One-time-only (e.g., Join a gym)
  • AI-made Dreams – A new feature that automatically generates a list of habits and tasks for you to achieve the dreams you tell us.
  • Pre-made Dreams – Existing dreams in the Dreamfora database. Simply pick a dream that we have outlined that you want to achieve.
  • Self-made Dreams –Dreams that you create from scratch. You pick a title, an image, habits, and tasks that correspond with the dream you’re chasing after.

What are the Key Features of Dreamfora?

  • Today – View your daily to-do list.
  • Dream – Check your ongoing and achieved dreams. Add new dreams.
  • Add – Explore Dreamfora's Pre-made Dream and also create you own AI-made Dream or Self-made Dream. 
  • Feed – Check other users’ goals and share your own to inspire and be inspired by others.
  • Progress – See where you’re at with your goals and find areas to improve.
  • Community – Share your progress with other users. You can receive or give out claps!
  • Due Dates & Reminders – Add due dates and reminders to ensure that no goal is forgotten.
  • Daily Quotes – Start the day strong an inspirational quote.