(We have recently updated the structure of our app. What was once the “Discover” page is now the “Add” page in which the “discover menu” has been integrated within it. It encompasses three types of dreams: AI-made dream, Pre-made dream, and Self-made dream.)  
Our Pre-made Dreams is a resource for individuals who aspire to accomplish their dreams but may feel overwhelmed by the first step. Dreamfora provides pre-made goal plans crafted bys to help you achieve your dreams.  

From both the “Add” page and “Dream” page, you can navigate to the Pre-made Dreams 
Add Page:  



Dream Page:   

The Pre-made Dream page looks like this: 


The pre-made plans you can select from are categorized by New, Health, Learning, Enjoyment, Career, Wealth, Relationship, Travel, and General. 


We acknowledge that people lead different lives, and as a result, everyone's journey appears distinct.  


After adding a goal through pre-made dream, we encourage you to fine-tune the details in alignment with what works best for you.