To edit a habit and task, head over to the Today Page. 

Then, click on the habit and task you would like to edit. 

You will see a page like this:

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At the top of the screen, you will see the title of your selected habit.

The trashcan icon on the upper right will prompt you to remove the habit/task from your list.

On the rest of the page:

  1. Repeat Days/Due Date: For repeat days, there is a list of the days of the week.  The highlighted days (in this picture, the purple days) can be turned on and off by clicking on them. The habit will appear on the Today page on the highlighted days of the week. The ‘Active’ icon will be lit up if any of the days are active. You can press it to deselect the habit for all the days. For the due date, you can choose the date by which you need to finish the task. 
  2. Habit/Task Reminder: Click the “Set a Reminder" button to select a time in which Dreamfora will send a push notification reminding you to do that specific habit for the day.
  3. Note: Tap to write a message about the selected habit, you can put links and phrases or whatever you would like in there.