If you click on the Today tab, you will have an access a 14-day view, ranging from 10 days before today to 3 days into the future.

If you click a specific day, you can see the day’s habits and tasks.

1) The date

2) 2-Week calendar view, swipe back and forth to see the previous/subsequent dates. Weekdays are highlighted in black, while weekends are highlighted in orange. Days with a dot above it are days that have either a task or a habit to complete.

3) Progress bar that displays the current number of uncompleted/completed habits and tasks.

4) List of Habits (purple) and Tasks (green) broken down by Dream. You will see the reminder time underneath the related task.(The habit will appear on the selected repeat days and the task will appear on the selected due date.)

5) Click the calendar icon for an expanded calendar view (up to three months) to track your progress long term. This feature is for premium members only, so check out our article HERE to see how to sign up today!