To upload photos to Dreamfora, the app will need to be granted access to your Camera and Photo Gallery. Additionally, a system restart, battery optimization, or a cleaner app may interfere with your device’s ability to upload photos. This is especially the case if your device is in battery saving mode or if the storage/memory on your device is running low due to a large number of apps that were recently opened.

In detail

The photo may not upload due to the following reasons:

Did you allow Dreamfora access to your Camera and Photo Gallery?

→ Dreamfora needs access to your camera and photo gallery if you want to upload photos.

→ Settings > 'Apps' or 'Privacy' > Permissions > Camera and/or Gallery 

Is Dreamfora added to the power saving target (battery optimization) app on your device?

→ Set Dreamfora as a 'No restrictions'(non-power saving) app, or click ‘Don’t Optimize’.

→ Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Dreamfora > Battery Saver 

Are you using a battery saver/memory cleaner app or launcher app?

→ These apps can cause Dreamfora to stop working, so you may need to disable these apps.

Is the Autostart permission not granted to Dreamfora?

→ Grant Autostart permission to the Dreamfora app by going to your Settings and toggling ‘Allow Auto-launch’.

→ Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Dreamfora