If you are facing issues with notification, please follow the steps below.

1. Double-check if you have correctly set up the repeating days and due date reminders for each habit or task associated with your dream. Also, there are morning and evening reminders. Please check in the Settings if these are turned on.


2. Ensure that notification permissions have been granted on your device. You can check by first going to your device's Settings app and selecting "Notifications"

Click on 'Dreamfora' and make sure 'Allow Notifications' is selected.

Are you still encountering the same issues? Then please make sure to refer to the following information. 


A system restart, battery optimization, or a cleaner app may interrupt the Dreamfora reminder feature. This is especially the case if your device is in battery saving mode or if the storage/memory on your device is running low due to a large number of apps that were recently opened.

In detail

The alarm may not sound due to the following reasons:

1. Are you using a battery saver/memory cleaner app or launcher app?

→ These apps can cause Dreamfora to stop working, so you may need to disable these apps.

2. Is Dreamfora added to the power saving target (battery optimization) app on your device?

→ Set Dreamfora as a 'No restrictions'(non-power saving) app, or click ‘Don’t Optimize’.

→ Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Dreamfora > Battery Saver

3. Is the Autostart permission not granted to Dreamfora?

→ Grant Autostart permission to the Dreamfora app by going to your Settings and toggling ‘Allow Auto-launch’.

→ Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Dreamfora

4. Are you using the screen lock (e.g., pattern, password, etc.) feature & the automatic restart feature at the same time?

→ If you have both the screen lock and the automatic restart feature that will restart your phone through the night, please

 disable automatic restarts so there are no interruptions with your notifications.