If you would like to adjust a goal set created by "Discover" to better suit your lifestyle, here are some tips to customize your goal set.

Please note: You can also make your own plan from scratch, instead of choosing from "Discover" Goals.

1. How to Add Your Own Goal

Go to the "Dream" page to view all your goals at a glance. Tap on the dream you wish to edit.

Tap on the circular button next to the “Habit” or “Task” that reads “+”.

Type in the habit/task you hoped to add. 

As you are typing, you can set the repeat days and reminders for habits and reminders for tasks. 



You can add Habits and Tasks to the Dream through this process.

2. How to Delete a Goal 

To delete a Task or Habit, first press on the Task or Habit you would like to remove. You will see the trash icon next to the title. Tap on it and you’ll be able to delete the Habit or Task.


3. Rename a Goal

To rename a goal, open its detail page and tap on the title of the goal. Rename the goal to your desired title.


4. Set a Due Date for a Dream and Task 
To set due dates for a goal, open its detail page and click the Due Date section to select thedue date for the Dream or Task.


5. Change Repeat Days for a Habit

To change repeat days for a Habit, open its detail page and click on the days on which you would like to repeat your Habit. This will highlight those days in purple.