To change the Related Dream of Tasks/Habits, first click 'Task' or 'Habit' on the main page and click the goal you would like to change.

  • Click the Related Dream section.
  • Select the Related Dream for the Task/Habit you desire to change it to and click 'OK'.

If you want to to delete the Related Dream, click the 'X' icon to the right of it.

* For more information about How to Edit Related Dream for Multiple Goals At Onceclick here

You can also change which Dream a Task/Habit is associated with on its detail page.

  • Click 'Dream' on the main page and click a Dream to open its detail page.
  • Tap 'Select existing tasks/habits' and select goals that you want to link with, then Click 'Save'.

* Please note: If selected Tasks/Habits were previously associated to another Dream, the above action disconnects existing connections. Tasks/Habits are able to be assigned to a single Dream.

* For more information about What Can I Do on the "Dream Detail" Page?, click here