You may want to check your progress while achieving your daily goals.

On the main page of Dreamfora, it briefly shows your progress in the form of (# of completed goals / # of total goals) for each type of goal, Dream/Task/Habit.

Additionally, on the "Progress" Page, you can view your Habit Progress, Habit Rate, Tasks Completed and Dream Progress.

Habit Progress

Habit Progress allows you to track all of your habits at a glance. The color of the date changes depending on how many habits are completed for that day.

  • Dates without a circle – No habit for the day
  • White circle with a purple outline – Did not complete any of the Habits
  • Light, faint violet circle – Completed some Habits, but not all
  • Solid purple circle – Completed every Habit of the day (Perfect day)
  • Violet shadow – Completed every Habit for two or more days in a row

The current date is shown by a small, dark purple dot below today's date in the calendar.

By clicking the right-arrow on the right of the "Habit Progress" title, you can open the Weekly Habit Status page, corresponding to the right image. It shows the achievement status for individual habits.

Habit Rate

Blue bar on the Habit Rate graph indicates the Habit completion rate of the day. To change time period, swipe right or left.

By clicking the right-arrow on the right of the "Habit Rate" title, you can open the Habit Completed page which shows you a list of habits you have completed that day.

Tasks Completed

You can check the number of completed tasks on the Tasks Completed page. Orange bar indicates the relative number of completed Tasks during a single week.

If you'd like to view the list of tasks you have completed by date, simply click right-arrow on the right of the "Task Completed" title to open it.

Dream Progress

On the Dream Progress page, green bar indicates how many Milestones you have completed for a specific Dream.

When you've completed all of the milestones, the bar will be entirely green.

Additional Information:

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