There are some key differences between the "1-Tap Planning Wizard" Goals and Dream/Habit examples.

  • 1-Tap Planning Wizard: Provides pre-made subgoals, steps, and useful information for any selected dream
  • Dream/Habit example: Provides only the goal's title ― you must work out the details on your own

Our "1-Tap Planning Wizard" is a feature that allows users to create plans for their goals with minimal effort. These goals are pre-planned, meaning that they come with pre-set Habits, Tasks, and Milestones.

All of the goalsets included in "1-Tap Planning Wizard" were created by people that have already achieved those goals.

To access the 1-Tap Planning Wizard Goals, simply click the 'Plan in a flash' icon on the main page.

* For more information about What is the "1-Tap Planning Wizard"(Plan in a Flash)?, click here

Dream/Habit examples DO NOT come with pre-set Habits, Tasks, and Milestones.

However, you may manually add your own Dream and connect them with relevant Habits and Tasks by clicking 'Choose a related dream’ section on the Habit/Task detail view.

* For more information about How to Add Your Own Dreams/Habits/Tasksclick here 

* For more information about How to Change the Related Dream of Tasks/Habitsclick here