The 1-Tap Planning Wizard feature is meant for those who would like to accomplish their dreams but don't know where to start. 

With one click, Dreamfora provides you with a roadmap detailing how to achieve your dream.

This is our 1-Tap Planning Wizard.

All the goal achievement plans provided on "1-Tap Planning Wizard" are carefully crafted goal plans made by professionals and experts who know the best way to accomplish the goals.

You can use the "1-Tap Planning Wizard" feature by clicking "Plan in a flash" icon on the main page.

We understand that everyone leads different lives and because of that, everyone's roadmaps look a little different.

After adding a goal set with the "1-Tap Planning Wizard", we encourage you to...

  • Fine-tune the repeat days for Habits or due dates for Dreams and Tasks according to your lifestyle.
  • Add and delete Milestones, Tasks and Habits manually.

* For more information about How to Customize a Goal Set with "1-Tap Planning Wizard", click here 

* Of course, you can make your own plan from the scratch. To learn about How to add additional Goals, click here