To hide your completed Dreams/Tasks/Habits from the list, click on any of them and open the list.

Note the Hide Completed option on the bottom left.

Each group has a variation of the completed status as follows:

  • Dream: Achieved
  • Task: Done
  • Habit: Archived

Regardless of the variation, the option will always be located on the bottom left corner.

Once you click on it, you will be able to hide your completed goals.




The option filled with purple means that completed goals are hidden. To see all goals, click on it once again.

For more information about How to Mark Your Task/Habit/Dream as Completeclick here 

Additional information:

All groups have the Starred Only option located to the right of the Hide Completed option. 

To the right of the Starred Only option, there is the arrow-shaped Sort Icon where you can sort your goals by Default, Starred, Completed(Achieved, Done, Archived), Category, Creation Date, etc.

You can use the Sort Icon to automatically move completed goals to the bottom of your list.

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