You can use the "1-Tap Planning Wizard" to make plans, but of course, you can also add your own goals!

To do this, click on the Dream/Habit/Task on the main page, depending on which one you would like to add. It will open the list view of each goal.

For Dream&Habit:

Click on the '+' icon located on the top right corner.

You can type in your own Dream/Habit on the "Add a new dream/habit" field or you can select one from the dream/habit examples.

If you'd like to see more examples in other categories, click on the category button, which is set to "General", and select the categories that you are interested in.

  • After adding/selecting a Dream, you can set the due date of your Dream by tapping the "Due date" section.
  • You can set the repeat days for your Habit and its related dreams in the same way.

Click the 'Create' button at the bottom of the page and this will add your dream/habit to your list.

For Task: 

Note the "+ Add a New Task" bar on the top of the list view of Task.

Type the Task you would like to add and then press enter, this will add the new Task to the list.