All Dreamfora users can add Dreams, Habits, Tasks, Notes, and set Reminders & Due Dates.

However, we have set a limit on the number of goals to make sure our users stay on track and are not overwhelmed with numerous goals.*

Users will be able to set:

  • Dreams: 20 total
  • Habits: 100 total 
  • Tasks: 100 total 
  • Goal Sets using "Discover": 5 total 

(The total amount takes into account both achieved and unachieved.)

Users will also only be able to edit the today page within a 7-day time frame. 

If you have the Premium version of the app, there are no feature limitations and you are able to edit the today page for a total of 60 days - 30 days in the past and 30 days into the future.

* Link: Studies show that focusing on a few tasks at a time is more effective than juggling a huge load of tasks at once