Whenever you would like to view what Habits/Tasks need to be completed, use the "Today" page.

On the main page, you can see the "Today" icon which briefly shows Today's completion status in the form of (# of completed goals / # of total goals for today).

To see all the Habits & Tasks that are due today, simply tap it and open the "Today" page.

On the "Today" page, Tasks/Habits are on different tabs. If you want to change the tab, simply click "Habit" or "Task".

To mark a goal as complete, tap on the checkbox to the left of the title. 

At the bottom of the page, you will find the Action bar. To learn detailed information about each button, just tap its name.

  • Hide Completed/Done: You can hide your completed goals by tapping on it.
  • Starred Only: Clicking "Starred only" will only show goals that you starred.
  • Sort (Arrow icon): Sort feature will arrange your goals by Default, Starred, Status, Category, Alphabet, etc. 

After completing your goals, you may want to check the statistical analysis of your progress and determine what areas could use improvement. 

For more information about How to Use the "Progress" Pageclick here 

Additional information:

* If you need a break from completing the Habitdeactivate it for a while. Inactive Habits won't show up on the "Today" page. To learn How to Make a Habit Inactiveclick here

* Unlike Tasks, which are one-time only, Habits are repeated. If a Habit is absolutely formed and you no longer need to see it in "Today" page, mark it as Archived. To learn How to Mark Your Task/Habit/Dream as Complete, click here 

* To learn How to Set a Due Date for your Task, click here 

To learn How to Change the Repeat Days for your Habit, click here