First of all, please note that deleting a goal is permanent. If you wish to keep the goal for future use, you can mark it as Done (Task), Archived (Habit), or Achieved (Dream) and later reactivate it.

* For more information about How to Mark Your Task/Habit/Dream as Complete, click here 

* For more information about How to Make a Habit Inactive, click here 

1. To delete a goal, swipe from right-to-left on the goal you wish to delete on the Dream/Task/Habit list page.

You can also open the detail page of the goal and click the "Delete" icon.

2. To delete multiple goals at once, first tap on "Edit" in the upper-right hand corner.

Then select all of the goals you wish to delete and select the "Delete" icon in the Action bar at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Additional Information :

When you delete a Dream, you can choose whether or not to delete the related Habits and Tasks as shown in the picture below.