Yes, you are right - it's a little difficult to understand because it's all conceptual.

Nevertheless, we made all of these concepts in order to incorporate every aspect of human life into the Dreamfora app.

Dreams, Habits, Tasks, Milestones are goals, but Categories are not.

Time horizon determines the definitions of Dreams, Habits, Tasks, Milestones.

  • Dreams - Long-term aspirations that you wish to achieve (Long-term)
  • Habits - Positive behavioral patterns to reach your goals (Repetitive)
  • Tasks - Small and practical steps to achieve your goals (Short-term and one time only)
  • Milestones - Significant events or stages of progress for your long-term goals (Certain stages)

Categories are the characteristics of goals which consist of various aspects of human life.

You can simply regard categories as predefined tags to classify your goals.

Please refer to the following concept hierarchy for further understanding.

[Concept hierarchy]