What is Dreamfora?

Dreamfora is a smart, well designed, easy-to-use goal management tool to help you achieve your goals. 

You can create and organize goals into categories such as "Career", "Health", "Relationship", etc. Use Dreamfora to capture your ideas, goals, wish lists, trip plans, and daily habits.

What are the concepts of Category, Dream, Habit, Task and Milestone in Dreamfora?

Dreams, Habits, Tasks, Milestones are all goals, and Categories are the characteristics of goals that consist of various aspects of human life.

Your time horizon determines the definitions of Dreams, Habits, Tasks, Milestones. 

  • Dream – Ultimate aspiration that you wish to achieve: Long-term (e.g. Get fit)
  • Task – Small to-do for your dream: Short-term & one-time only (e.g. Join a gym)
  • Habit – Positive repeating pattern for your dream: Short-term & repetitive (e.g. Workout)
  • Milestone – Significant events or stages of progress for your long-term goals: Certain stages (e.g. Make Exercise a part of daily routine)

Please refer to the following concept hierarchy for further understanding. 

What are the key features of Dreamfora?

Key Features of Dreamfora include:

  • 1-Tap Planning Wizard - Explore new ideas and detailed plans on how to achieve your dream. Our goal suggestions and 1-Tap Planning Wizard simplify the process of planning your goals.
  • Today - View your daily to-do list at a glance.
  • Progress - Check the statistical analysis of your progress and determine areas to improve.
  • Due dates (Repeat Days) & Reminders - Add due dates and reminders to ensure that no goal is forgotten.
  • Daily Quotes - Start the day strong with hundreds of inspirational quotes.

To learn about each features, simply tap its name.